Type Company
Electric Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative
Electric Dominion Virginia Power
Natural Gas Columbia Gas of Virginia
Telecommunications Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative
Telecommunications Verizon
Telecommunications CenturyLink
Telecommunications Comcast/Xfinity
Water Town of Chase City
Water Town of Clarksville
Water Town of South Hill
Water Town of LaCrosse
Water Roanoke River Public Service Authority
Waste Water Treatment Town of Chase City
Waste Water Treatment Town of Clarksville
Waste Water Treatment Town of South Hill
Waste Water Treatment Town of South Hill/Town of LaCrosse
Waste Water Treatment Town of LaCrosse
Waste Water Treatment Town of Boydton
Solid Waste Disposal Mecklenburg County Sanitary Landfill


Providers: Roanoke River Service Authority, and Town of Clarksville


Provider: Towns of South Hill (Regional), Clarksville, Chase City, and Boydton

Rates: Based on type of service


Provider: Dominion Power, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative

Rates: Based on type of service


Telephone: Verizon, Century Link, BIT , and all major long-distance carriers

Cellular: AT&T, Verizon, SunCom, T-Mobile, Sprint

Internet: Verizon, Comcast/Xfinity, BIT, Lake Country Online, GCR Online, CenturyLink, Telpage Communications, others


  • Broadband fiberoptic network available through Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative
  • DSL
  • Operated by state-of-the-art DMS switch
  • Unlimited capacity for growth
  • Equal access to long distance carriers

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative (MBC) currently operates a diverse fiber feed to several Mecklenburg sites. MBC has the ability to provide high speed connectivity through diverse fiber routes to the proposed site. Any business locating in the park will have direct access to a multitude of carriers who are located in key interconnection facilities in Ashburn, Virginia; McLean, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia.

Also of great interest will be MBC’s new interconnection with the Terremark NAP of the Capital Region (NCR) located in Culpepper, Virginia. MBC can provide direct connectivity from the site to the NCR in Culpepper. Mecklenburg County’s industrial parks are a part of MBC’s GigaPark™ iniative.