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Public Education Overview


School District Map

Mecklenburg County Public Schools map


Southside Virginia Community College (a 2 year institution) is easily accessible from all sections of Mecklenburg County and has two campuses in the area, Christiana (32 miles) and John H. Daniel (35 miles).

The Mecklenburg County Public School System includes four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Find out more about the Mecklenburg County School Board.

Public School Enrollment

Level Number Enrollment
Elementary 4 1,895
Middle 2    902
High School 2 1,252

Student Teacher Ratio

Elementary 11:1
Secondary 12:1

Per Pupil Expenditure


Primary & Secondary County Schools

High Schools

Bluestone High School

6825 Skipwith Road

Skipwith, Virginia 23968

(434) 372-5177
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Park View High School

205 Park View Circle

South Hill, Virginia 23970

(434) 447-3435
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Middle Schools

Bluestone Middle School

250 Middle School Road

Skipwith, Virginia 23968

(434) 372-3266
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Park View Middle School

365 Dockery Road

South Hill, Virginia 23970

(434) 447-3761
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Elementary Schools

Chase City Elementary

5450 Highway Forty-Seven

Chase City, Virginia 23924

(434) 372-4770
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Clarksville Elementary

1696 Noblin Farm Road

Clarksville, Virginia 23927

(434) 374-8668
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La Crosse Elementary
1000 School Circle

LaCrosse, Virginia 23950

(434) 757-7374
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South Hill Elementary
1290 Plank Road

South Hill, Virginia 23970

(434) 447-8134
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Major Awards

Chase City Elementary SchoolBlue Ribbon Lighthouse Schools

These schools represent exemplary achievements and contributions to ensure successful educational experiences for all children. Mecklenburg County is home to two such schools, Chase City Elementary and Park View Middle School.

Other Awards

2011: Mecklenburg Recognized as Distinguished Title I School Division
2009: Chase City Elementary named National Distinguished Title I School
2009: Chase City Elementary and La Crosse Elementary receive Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence
2009: Mecklenburg County Schools named Distinguished Title I Schools by the Virginia Department of Education

Special Programming

Career and Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning (WBL) is a school-coordinated, coherent sequence of workplace experiences that are related to students’ career goals and/or interests, are integrated with instruction, and are performed in partnership with local businesses, industries, or other organizations in the community. Learn More Here.


School Sports

school sportsMecklenburg County offers a number of engaging activities for student involvement. Both the Middle and High Schools have competitive baseball, basketball, football, golf, and soccer teams, as well as award-winning band programs.


Brunswick Academy

Lawrenceville, VA
434) 848-2220

Grades: Pre-K-12

First Christian School

South Hill, VA

(434) 447-2634

Grades: Pre-K-8

Fuqua School

Farmville, VA

(434) 392-4131

Grades: Pre-K-12

Kenston Forest School
Blackstone, VA

(434) 292-7218

Grades: Pre-K-12

New Life Christian Academy
Farmville, VA
434) 392-6236

Grades: Pre-K-12

Norlina Christian School

Norlina, NC

(252) 456-3385

Grades: K-8